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IAU AstroEDU Conference


ESO made a block reservation at the hotels below. In order to reserve your accommodation, please contact the hotels directly before the expiration of the individual deadlines mentioned. After these deadlines pre-reservation at the special ESO rates expires and availability of rooms cannot be guaranteed. The reservation code is “AstroEdu”. Please make sure to indicate it when contacting the hotel.

Ibis München Garching

Ibis München Garching

Daimler Strasse 5 D-85748 • Garching Hochbrück • Tel. +49 (0) 89 323840 • Fax. +49 (0) 89 32384100
Single room incl. breakfast – 125 EUR
Hotel Leopold GmbH

Hotel Leopold GmbH

Leopoldstrasse 119 D-80804 München • Tel. +49 (0) 89 367061 • Fax. +49 (0) 89 36043150
Single room incl. breakfast – 89 EUR

Email hotel Ibis

Deadline: 16.07.2019

Email hotel Leopold

Deadline: 30.06.2019

Travelling to Garching

Garching lies about 13 km north-east of Munich and 17 km south-west of Munich international airport (Franz Josef Strauss). Please follow these instructions to travel to Garching. To consult the time tables of the Munich public transportation network please have a look at MVV.

Travelling to the workshop venue

We advise all participants to travel to the workshop venue with the subway (U-Bahn), line U6. The subway (U-Bahn) station in Garching (an Munich) is indicated with a large blue “U”-sign, centrally located and within close reach of the Garching hotels. Take the subway (U-Bahn) line U6, with destination “Garching Forschungszentrum” (Garching Research Campus) – this is the last stop on the line. Exit the station at the rear end of the train and follow the sign for ESO: http://www.eso.org/sci/meetings/2013/MVV2013/ubahn-eso.pdf

Public Transportation

Tickets can be purchased from vending machines in the train stations, or in the buses. A single trip ticket is valid for three hours and only one-way. Tickets are validated by inserting them into the blue stamp machines in train stations, buses and trams. For more information on the kinds of ticket that are available, please consult:https://www.mvv-muenchen.de/en/tickets-and-fares/tickets-daytickets/index.html

Tickets Brief Overview

Streifenkarte (stripe ticket): a convenient and cheap way is to buy a Streifenkarte (10 stripes, 14 Euro) instead of a single trip ticket, and to cancel the appropriate number of stripes depending on the route. For up to two U- or S-Bahn stations you should cancel one stripe (for example from Garching to Garching-Forschungszentrum). The public transportation area is divided in four main rings around the Munich city center. Every two stripes allow a one-way trip inside one main ring.

Tageskarte (day ticket): valid for the whole day. This ticket comes in four flavours: “Innenraum”, 6.70 Euro (central zone covering most of Munich city); “München XXL”, 8.90 Euro (Munich city plus the first external ring zone – includes Garching and the research centre, but not the airport); “Aussenraum”, 6.70 Euro (the 3 outer ring zones, including Garching, the research centre, and the airport, but not the central Munich city zone); and “Gesamtnetz”, 13 Euro (the entire network including the airport and Munich city).

Partnerstageskarte (daily ticket for a group of up to 5 people): With the same 4 flavors as the daily ticket (“Tageskarte”), but with the possibility to have up to 5 people traveling together, it is already worth taking Partnerstageskarte if there are 2 or more people traveling together. Prices: “Innenraum”, 12.80 Euro; “XXL”, 16.10 Euro; “Aussenraum”, 12.80 Euro; “Gesamtnetz”, 24.30 Euro.

If you want to find more information on the right fare for your specific journey within Munich and the surrounding area please consult:

MVG wheel / MVG eRad – Rental bike system MVG Rad with electric extension MVG eRad

To complement the public transport network system there is a bike rental system that can be used throughout Munich: https://www.mvg.de/services/mobile-services/mvg-rad.htmle

Useful links

Some helpful information about the ESO facilities, Garching hotels and restaurants, the Max Planck Canteen as well as the possibility to experience the ESO Headquarters via a virtual tour can be found here.

Conference venue

The conference will be held in the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Center, Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 2, Garching near Munich.


Open wireless internet & eduroam is available in most parts of the ESO buildings.

Bank service

There are banks and cash-points in Garching. All main credit and debit cards are accepted (with PIN code), but sometimes cash is needed in some shops or restaurants. Please note that the banks may close during lunch time and have otherwise opening hours grossly different from shops.

Useful Links

Garching – Official Town Website
Munich tourist office – Up to date information for visitors
Munichfound – Magazine for English speaking visitors
Munich Airport – Official Website Franz Josef Strauss Airport
Toytown Munich – Anything you need to know about Munich, events, restaurants, places to go, doctors, etc.
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