Conference Proceedings

Articles can now be submitted through the astroEDU Open Journal System:

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Deadline: November 30, 2019 for full papers.

The review process will continue through early-mid 2020 with the intended publication date in late 2020. The length of time will inevitably be determined by the length of the review process. Articles that have successfully gone through the review process will be made available online as preprints on the IAU AstroEDU site prior to the official publication issue date to facilitate communication within the field.

Each conference proceedings article will be reviewed by at least one reviewer with more than one invited at the discretion of the editor/s.

We hope they become an important reference for the field as it progresses forward. We hope the proceedings capture a broad picture of the field as a whole that is entertaining and enlightening to read. With this spirit, we request that articles are relatively concise and to the point while also retaining some character, polish and flourish.

Please actively reference, where credit is due, other examples and ideas in the literature, especially those that contrast, complement or pre-date your own. As this field publishes in a variety of different locations, it has been quite difficult in the past to identify relevant research. This is especially true of education researchers looking for literature in the scientific literature and vice versa. The iSTAR database ( may help to facilitate finding relevant references in this currently widely spread research field.

There are no fees to be paid either as an author or a reader. The proceedings will be open access and provided through the astroEDU website ( Colour images and figures are encouraged as the primary distribution mechanism will be online, although hardcopy versions will also be available.

Submissions can be made in Word or LaTEX (with an attached pdf). The proceedings will have it’s own LaTEX template provided after this first issue for future conference proceedings.

The proceedings is happy to consider both short and long papers as the author deems appropriate. There are no absolute length limits to the articles, but we suggest that longer articles are more appropriate for a mainstream journal article than a conference proceedings. Having said that, the following limits should provide a guideline as to what is expected: We are happy to accept articles arising from anything in the conference schedule, including keynotes, talks, posters and workshops.


Abstract – No more than 250 words
Main Text – No more than 4000 words (flexible), 4 to 10 pages.
References – No more than 50 references.



  • Urban Eriksson (Please use the form to contact the Editor)
  • Pedro Russo
  • Paulo Bretones
  • Michael Fitzgerald