Magic in the Solar System!

Sibiu, Romania

I'll intend to show my students (15-16 years) how a Solar Eclipse it is made, using a movie about eclipses. Then, my students will create for the youngest a Solar System model, with the Eclipses theme. Age Group: 15-18

What can we learn from a Solar Eclipse?

Cluj Napoca, Romania

In 12/9/2020 I'll present what is the importance of the Solar Eclipse in science history. In 12/16/2020 the students will present their information about the 2020 Solar Eclipse and others eclipses (i.e. curiosities) in a creative way. Age Group: 18-19

Space to space – XI edition

Villasanta (MB)

It is the inauguration of the XI edition of Space to space (Spazio allo spazio), an astronomy based project organized by the Educational Working Group "Space to space" of the I.C. Villasanta, in Villasanta (MB) - a lower secondary school […]


Sibiu, Romania

Age Group: 16-18


Sur de Chile

Collaborative experiment. The idea is to perform an experiment to measure the Eclipse Shadow Bands. Age Group: 15-99


Mauá, Brazil Mauá

Age Group: 41

Observation d’éclipse solaire à distance et conférence

Creteil, Seine-Saint-Denis, France

May be the one elementary school in France where that type of events will take place : 180 6-11 year old pupils to observe a Total Solar Eclipse from start to end by Internet, being taught about the phenomenon by […]


Baia Mare, Romania

Age Group: 11-14


Toplita, Romania

Age Group: 12-14


Oradea, Romania

Age Group: 11-13

Solar eclipse

Pitești, Arges, Romania

Age Group: 15-19

“Šta su pomračenja?”


We prepared a short video/lecture about the eclipse events ("Šta su pomračenja?"), posted it online:, and shared to all the teachers in Serbia. We invited them to watch the video with their students, and play a little game to […]

Astronomia e Artes no Eclipse do Sol


Astro music concerts The Gunstar team of cultural astronomy institute opens the doors of its headquarters for an afternoon of observation, astronomy and friendship with the observation of the solar eclipse. Age Group: All Ages

Solar eclipse

Primary school “Vladimir Nazor” Ploče

Age Group: 13

Transmisión del eclipse parcial de Sol

Instituto Geofísico del Perú

Age Group: All Ages Multiple Locations: Caraz, Trujillo, Tarma, Huancayo - Perú y Argentina Online transmission through the IGP facebook.

Eclipse party


Students from Bulgaria will have the opportunity to observe a total solar eclipse in Chile in an online event organized by the Iranian Teachers Astronomy Union, ITAU, and Student’s International Network for Astronomy, SINA. The Municipal Center for Extracurricular Activities […]

Printre stele

Com.Manasia,jud. Ialomița,Romania

Age Group: 11-14